Texas Hold’em poker online: how to play basics and learning apps

Texas Hold’em poker online is a name that speaks for itself. Even if you have never visited a casino or played card games, you have definitely heard about this game. The king of all card games, the TOP 1 game in the poker category and also the gambling game with the largest prize money. Yes, it’s all about Texas Hold’em. There are many types of poker games, but this one is the most popular. Besides Hold’em, you can also find Omaha, Razz, Stud tournaments and tables. But it’s best to start with Hold’em.

Why? Since this is the most popular type of poker, you can find active tables at any time of the day, make new friends and take part in any of the thousands of tournaments that start every day at different sites. In addition, there are the many educational books, applications, articles, guides and video lessons on Hold’em. Having all this base at hand, you can quickly gain enough knowledge and experience to play on a par with advanced players. But first of all, you need to learn the basic rules.

Real money Texas Hold’em in Australia

Many Australian gamblers are afraid to start playing Texas Hold’em poker online after the law banning gambling. This is completely unfounded! This law applies only to those who provide services and open their own casinos. If you are a gambler, then it is absolutely legal to wager real money in Australian and foreign online casinos.

With the legal part sorted out, now let’s move on to the game itself. Poker is a hard to learn game with complex rules that requires concentration and skill from players. A quick overview of the basic rules of poker:

  1. 2-10 people can play at one table in Texas Hold’em poker online.
  2. The game begins and each player at the table receives 2 cards that only he sees.
  3. Based on the hand, you have to choose between bet and play or fold.
  4. After the bets, the dealer deals 3 cards on the table – Flop.
  5. The circle of bets is repeated with one additional option – check.
  6. After all players have made a move, the fourth card appears on the table – Turn.
  7. Bets are repeated with identical rules.
  8. The dealer draws the final fifth card on the table – River.
  9. Players place their last bets and open their hands.
  10. The player with the strongest combo takes the entire pot.

The rules may sound simple, but the whole game is based on reading the opponent, pressure, bluffs and other tricks that you have to master.

Free practice apps for Hold’em

The most important advice for beginners is to never start playing Texas Hold’em for real money. The rest of the players will quickly recognize you as a “fish” and leave you with a zero balance in a few hands. Before playing Texas Hold’em poker online seriously, it is best to download the practice games and trainers. This will allow you to gain a gaming experience without losing real money. List of free games and apps worth downloading:

  • Any free casino (PokerStars, 888poker, PlayWsop, etc.)
  • 247 free poker.
  • Replaypoker.
  • Tournament Poker Coach.
  • How to Poker.
  • PokerGuide HD.
  • Texas Holdem Poker Pro.

In some applications, you can play with live opponents for an unlimited time. Other apps are used for generating hands, calculating the best outcomes, developing strategies and thinking through game plans. And most importantly, all these apps are free!

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